Request a Booking

Click on this link to Request a Booking:

If you have received a reply to your enquiry, please go back to that link as it has the quote for your dates. Otherwise, ...

You can click on this link to Request a Booking subject to availability - we will confirm availability and book if possible:

- you do not need to provide full card details - you can omit part of the number until availability is confirmed, though this WILL slow the process;
- check-in times, key collection etc are normally found in the terms and conditions on the next page;
- payment is due according to the terms and conditions on the next page;
- bank charges may apply to credit cards, please check terms link;
- please make sure you get a confirmation of your booking - we will send an email when this is confirmed. If you don't get a confirmation, please call us on our normal number: +44 (0)20-7060-4855 or by email to .

Enquire for Availability

If you have more time, click on this link to Enquire for Availability:

- you only need to fill out ONE enquiry form for one apartment. You can then FORWARD the same request to check other apartments.