A note on telephone messages: Please don't leave phone numbers and email addresses on a phone message, I generally can't hear then accurately and I would need to listen to the whole message repeatedly if one character is unclear - better email: info@shortstay-london.com or the message bubble below on each page.

The 'Leave us a message' or 'Chat with us' bubble
This is a great online chatting service. Even if I am not appearing online, you can leave your email address with a quick question and I will respond later.

'Ask A Question' link


The 'Ask A Question' link near the apartment name puts your question direct to the person in charge of that particular apartment. It is for questions like, whether there is parking or the if you're unsure about the description of the flat.
Telephone +44 (0)20-7060-4855
WARNING! Please do not make a phone message your only contact. With echo on phone lines etc, I cannot normally hear phone numbers or email addresses clearly....
Email info@shortstay-london.com
This will auto-reply, however we will receive this and may reply separately.
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